One more day and IT’S THERE!!!!
Log on tomorrow, all the information you need to get the book will appear on this site as well as on my Facebook page:

An excerpt from the book, Forbidden Child’s Prologue:

Mother Earth might as well have ceased her itinerary throughout the galaxy. The Andes might as well have collapsed into the ocean. It was an event no one expected. Something forgotten and buried deep in our minds, along with a thousand other impossibilities we assumed should not, could not, and would not happen. Something left undone because there were no decent ways of doing it right. In fact, it hadn’t been discussed in months. Possible it was, but only in the distant future, and only if a miracle took place. And of course, only if it wasn’t too late. But certainly not at this time of our lives and definitely not on the near horizon. Even Holiji was against it.