It’s a weird feeling to know that friends, as well as complete strangers, are reading my book these days. So far the reviews have been good, and I’m grateful to readers who took, and will take, the time to share their opinion on Amazon. I was told that nowadays an awful lot of people prefer ebooks to the paper version. Forbidden Child is, therefore, available in both formats. Being from another generation, as well as a former bookshop owner, I love books ‘in person’. Paperbacks. Hardcovers. I love the smell of them, how they feel in my hand, the texture of the cover. Then again, when I travel for a long period, my ereader allows me to leave with hundreds of my favourite books. That alone makes me feel at home. A house is only home to me once all my books have been unpacked. The books you read say a lot about you. The ones you won’t read also say a lot about you. In fact, by sharing this information, you become more or less an open book.