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Readers of the world

It’s a weird feeling to know that friends, as well as complete strangers, are reading my book these days. So far the reviews have been good, and I’m grateful to readers who took, and will take, the time to share their opinion on Amazon. I was told that nowadays an awful lot of people prefer ebooks to the paper version. Forbidden Child is, therefore, available in both formats. Being from another generation, as well as a former bookshop owner, I love books 'in person'. Paperbacks. Hardcovers. I love the smell of them, how they feel in my hand, the texture [...]


eBOOK (Kindle): available exclusively on Amazon sites. PAPERBACK format: currently available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes and Noble, and soon to be released on many other online bookshops.  

Available tomorrow !!!

One more day and IT’S THERE!!!! Log on tomorrow, all the information you need to get the book will appear on this site as well as on my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/sylviechartrandauthor/ An excerpt from the book, Forbidden Child’s Prologue: Mother Earth might as well have ceased her itinerary throughout the galaxy. The Andes might as well have collapsed into the ocean. It was an event no one expected. Something forgotten and buried deep in our minds, along with a thousand other impossibilities we assumed should not, could not, and would not happen. Something left undone because there were no decent [...]

The thing about music

Music. It mattered. It was always there. On turntables, on radios. In cars, on cassettes. In concert venues, when it wasn’t in our living room. We discussed it, argued about it, we didn’t know what to make of people who didn’t like the music we adored. The first rock show I’ve ever seen was Jesus Christ Superstar. I was fourteen and I went along with my twelve-year old sister. My mom and dad allowed us to go, under one condition. I remember my father driving us to the Forum and waiting for us in a restaurant nearby until the show [...]